Developer insights: Berlin vs Munich — 2022 edition

Berlin and Munich are the digital powerhouses of Germany. They have the largest numbers of developers, IT experts and adjacent professions. Moreover, they boast healthy and growing startup ecosystems, with established and larger companies playing a more important role in Munich.

In the tech community there is a tendency to gravitate either towards the one or the other.

For the 2021 analysis, see here.

Berlin and Munich at a glance

Berlin, with Potsdam and satellite towns, has about 4 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area. The federal state of Brandenburg and areas of Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania are also economically linked to Berlin.

Berlin, for a long time, held the reputation as a hype city. After reunification the city had to find its way towards and inclusive, sometimes chaotic and overall innovative spirit. But even so, there has been a lot of consolidation in the recent years and even large tech companies increasingly go there.

Munich, on the other hand, has about 2 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area. Its catchment area is much larger and harbors satellite towns and settlements with their own pull effect.

For the last decades, Munich has been established as THE tech hub in Germany. The big tech companies as well as solid and healthy startup ecosystem have set up camp there. Munich is a rich city: money has been readily available and often more so than in Berlin.

That being said, when we look at size only, Munich has a much higher proportion of tech folks than Berlin! It will take the next decade for Berlin to align these numbers.

Number of software developers in Berlin and Munich

  • Berlin: 27,650
  • Munich: 29,410

These numbers indicate the employed developers, i. e. the ones having a contract with regular salary from a company. Adding about 10–15% of freelance developers we can easily see that each…



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