How to get women into tech (and keep them there)

how to get women into tech and keep them there (a list of measures)

A list of (seemingly) simple measures

Oh well, oh well. Here we are. It has finally become necessary: THE article about how to get women in tech — and, more importantly, how to keep them there.

I could write lengthy pieces about the kind of frustrations we women go through. I could quote the many exchanges I have had with allies of all genders on what to do, when to do it and how to loop everyone in. I will not do that. I will list the measures of my current state of knowledge and let things take their course.

This list has been highly requested and practically-tested throughout, with amazing results.

Please note that for every statement in the introductory text there are sources and insights to back it up.

The challenge

It could be so straightforward. Alas, it isn’t. Most of the measures I will list here are, theoretically, low-hanging fruits. Easy to implement. But people are people. And that means that they resist change, i. e. the unknown. It takes time to get used to different ways of thinking and even more time to adapt to them. Calculate in even more time to realize the newly-adapted measures.



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