Job Ad Template

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Are you about to write a job ad? Looking for a template that you can leverage across seniorities and focus areas?

Here you go:


Name the position.


Explain the working mode and be honest about it. Hint: positions with remote working mode receive more applications. Wonder why 😉

Call to action

Insert a call to action like “Apply” or “Send in your application”.


Provide a concrete salary or a range. The range should be realistic and palpable, i. e. no “80,000 to 200,000 €”.

Description of the company

Provide a one-paragraph description of your company. What distinguishes your company from others?

Make sure to highlight information that is relevant to candidates, such as how you do promotions, the share of underrepresented groups in (senior) leadership, working mode, your culture, etc.

Description of the department

Provide a one-paragraph description of the department, unit or team you are hiring for. Here, you want to detail what makes the area unique and attractive to applicants.

A particular collaboration style? An attractive tech stack? Intriguing projects to work on? Mention this.

Description of the position

“As a senior developer, you will…” Invest a paragraph into describing the position and its responsibilities.

Responsibilities (maximum 5–7 items)

  • Start with strategic missions
  • Go from meta perspective to small-scale items
  • Then move into day-to-day activities
  • If necessary, mention admin items

Requirements (maximum 5–7 items)

  • Detail experience/expertise strategic matters first
  • Avoid thinking in years and focus on competencies
  • Go from high-investment to low-investment requirements

Repeat call to action

Repeating “apply!” doesn’t hurt.

Inclusion paragraphs

You will want to indicate how your efforts for inclusion and belonging look like. You can also expand upon what makes people of underrepresented groups apply best.

Caution: don’t ever write “we don’t discriminate”. Biases are everywhere, you cannot avoid them. But you can give clear examples on how you strive to make things better.

Important: if applicants do not need to hand in a cover letter, references, etc. please mention this explicitly. Optional parts of an application need to be spelled out.

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Franziska Hauck is a people strategist and leadership coach with a focus on tech. tech (people) {code} is her hub for all things human in tech.

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Franziska Hauck - tech (people) {code}

Franziska Hauck is a people strategist and leadership coach with a focus on tech. tech (people) {code} is her hub for all things human in tech.