Manager toolkit: 5 essential items of documentation


5 items of documentation every manager toolkit should have, which you will never find at most companies:

Manager Playbook

How do leaves work? What do I need to do to request a headcount? Where is documentation and does it actually cover all aspects? The Manager Playbook contains all tips & tricks that are not found in the official documentation.

Feedback/Progression Talk

“Just provide feedback” has never helped anyone to conduct a structured development conversation. Examples of questions, talk items and structures help managerds navigate. Templates that can be filled out compliment this orientation.

Feedback Examples

How do I provide good and qualitative feedback? What are examples for written and verbal feedback? A document with anonymized examples helps manager to understand how the company leverages feedback.

Interview Questions

What kind of questions can and should we ask in interviews? Documentation that lists usual interview questions by position/pipeline helps experienced and new managers alike. This documentation is also helpful for team members who interview.

Manager Onboarding Videos

Most onboardings are done “live”. However, when you onboard several new joiners at the same time that can get taxing. Manager onboarding videos help to provide context and save resources. If done by people in the teams they contain the actual examples and challenges and are not just a generic onboarding bootcamp.

It takes resources and creativity to build all these documentation items up. But it’s worth it: if everything has to be shared verbally the qwuality of management heavily depends on who onboarded — and who didn’t. Companies talk a lot about standardization, yet offer only the bare minimum to managers, if that.

Needless to say: I’ve created or initiated all of these documentation items and I might share some insights in further articles.

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